Patti Lomont is a glass artist specializing in fused, etched, kiln-cast, and stained glass, using these techniques for jewelry, bowls, masks, sculpture, windows, light fixtures, and other fine works of art.  She has worked with glass for over thirty years, starting with stained glass and then expanding to glass etching and hot glass techniques.           

Patti studied Fine Art and Art Education at the Universities of Illinois and Oregon (along with music and anthropology), and has taught in the public school system.  She has always been fascinated with designs from around the world and how they are interconnected.  She is especially drawn to and inspired by designs from Native American and Celtic cultures, as well as Art Deco and Art Nouveau traditions.

All of Patti’s pieces are fused (layers of glass that are melted together in a glass-firing kiln) and/or etched, a method by which layers or coatings of glass are removed to create a design.  Many of the pieces are shaped by “slumping” them into or over molds in the kiln.  She uses a variety of art glasses, including “dichroic glass”, which is made by coating vaporized metallic salts onto glass in a heated vacuum chamber; “flashed-glass”, a thin layer of one color glass fused onto a thicker layer of another color of glass during the manufacturing process; and “iridized glass”, another type of metallic-coated glass.  She also creates kiln-cast art glass, using molds and powdered glass called “frit”, to create painterly three-dimensional landscapes, sculptures and jewelry.

Patti has resided in Oregon since 1975, and is currently operating her one-woman studio at her home in the countryside outside of Eugene.  She shares this idyllic setting with her husband, one dog, one cat, one goldfish, two llamas,  and two frequently visiting daughters.  Patti also is a professional musician, playing mandolin and singing with a variety of local musical groups.

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